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British Hound Shampoo Bars

At British Hound we wanted to created a range of natural and organic shampoos that are suitable and sensitive enough for all dogs including those with extra sensitive skin. Our shampoo bars not only clean and provide a natural fresh scent but have been tailored to support your dog’s health and wellbeing. Our bars contain ingredients that help dogs suffering from a range of conditions such as allergies, bacterial infections including hot spots and dermatitis as well as rashes, dry flakey skin and hair loss. Each shampoo bar will support your pets healing process by soothing the skin, reducing redness and taking away the itch.

We have used only the very best ingredients in our shampoo bars, all of which are locally sourced right here in the UK and handmade in small batches. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to provide a range of healing benefits such as Anti-inflammatory properties, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-fungal all which work together to block out contamination and fight infections.

We don't believe in using over powering oils, scents and chemicals to try and mask the smell of a stinky pet but instead concentrate on natural ingredients that neutralise the cause of bad smells keeping your pets skin and coat smelling clean and fresh longer then traditional shampoos.

We also understand how frustrating it can be trying to store those big bottles of pet shampoos and conditioners. That’s why all of our bars come in a handy storage tin that keep everything fresh while saving vital space in those cupboards, space that can be used for storing extra treats! 

As part of our range we would also like to introduce our ‘mini bars’ available via our British Hound Multi Pack’s, these single use shampoo cubes are the perfect size for a single wash and great for the grooming professional to avoid cross contamination on clients.

British Hound will be launching at this years PATS Telford with our full range of products exclusively available via Only Dogs Allowed at stand H21, visit us for special launch offers!

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