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About us

Get to know a little more about us.

We consider Only Dogs Allowed to be more than just an online “Pet Shop” offering a range of products for you to buy your dog. We have spent months researching and putting together a fantastic range which has been designed around the Health, Happiness and Wellbeing of your dog. We are passionate about dogs and giving them the best of everything to ensure they live a long and happy life.

Our 3 Bulldogs played a huge part in the creation of Only Dogs Allowed, they even got themselves into the logo!! Our experience of owning dogs, or should we say being owned by dogs, has thrown up many choices and questions. Part of our service promise is to offer support and answers to the questions you may have. Where do I get my puppy from? What food to feed? Are these treats healthy? Is that going to fit? How do I know what’s best? How do I groom them? Has anyone else experienced this?

All of this history and experience has created our philosophy as a business and what we want to achieve for our customers. The key focus is the huge responsibility we all have as dog owners and what we at Only Dogs Allowed can do to support you with that. We know you are committed to your dog and only want the best for them but with such a huge market out there making the right choices, or finding the answers you need, may sometimes feel a little confusing.

We have considered all areas of canine care from food to fashion, invested time and money into researching hundreds of products worldwide to help you make the right choices to give your dog the life they need and deserve. We are working with many international brands to bring new and exciting products to the UK and also researching the opportunities to create new products.

Life with our dogs is fantastic and we aren’t ashamed to say they are just like our children. I’m not sure we can imagine life without toys everywhere, drool on the floor and you know no outfit would be complete without a trail of ginger hairs on it. This is why Teddy, Harper and Beau have their own roles in the office, the “Product Testing Team”. We can guarantee you we would not offer any product or piece of advice that we would not give or use with our own dogs. Any new products go through the jaws and paws of this very qualified group before becoming part of our range.

Our company promise is to provide you with a fantastic range catering for your dogs wellbeing. This range will be chosen by our team for Health, Luxury, Comfort, Quality, Design and Value. We promise to be obsessed with delivering you the best personal service in the market and to listen to all of our customer’s feedback to evolve our services to their needs. Continuously researching the market and testing new products so we can provide you with information and resources to support you as a dog owner.