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Protect those paws wherever your adventures may lead!


Have you ever wondered how your pup’s paws stay healthy amidst harsh weather conditions like snow and extreme heat? If you and your canine companion live an active life or love a nice long walk any time of the year, PawTection should always be on hand!

This healing balm helps to protect paws against damage from hot surfaces such as pavement, gravel, rocks, and gnarly elements such as ice salt, snow, extreme temperatures. It also works to reduce the effects of contact with allergens, including grass, pollen, and mold.

PawTection is an organic, vegan blend of carefully selected waxes and powerful plant oils working to create a nourishing, protective barrier for your pup’s sensitive paw pads.



Did you know dogs are born with super smooth, sensitive paw pads that originally protected them while walking through nature? Hot concrete, harsh temperatures, and toxic allergens can leave your dog’s paws rough, cracked, and peeled. Damage to their paw pads can be painful and can cause distress within their everyday life.

Our PawTection balm creates a nourishing barrier for your pup’s paw pads allowing them to run free on any adventure year-round! This topical balm is easy to use and is a potent tool in armoring your dog for any environment, using only natural, organic, plant-based ingredients.

PawTection defends paws from:

  • Hot surfaces such as pavement, gravel, sand, concrete, decks, etc.
  • Harsh elements like ice, salt, snow, rough terrain, & extreme temperatures
  • Reduces the effect of contact with allergens including grass, pollen, & mold

Essential oils like ylang ylang and lavender help soothe irritation and balance dryness while supple mango butter combats free radicals and deeply moisturizes paw pads.

We have shoes, and our pups have PawTection.


Distract, apply, & reward!

With a distraction in tow (we love training treats or maybe their favorite toy) clean up any excess dirt or debris evident around the area. Use two fingers or a low-absorbent cloth to apply a generous amount of PawTection directly over your dog’s paw pads. Paws will be slick after application so allow the area to dry (a nice belly rub always does the trick!) and follow up with a treat or play time for a positive reward!

Apply anytime before going outside or before exposing your pup's paws to any potentially harmful condition.

Pro-pup Tip: For pawsome results, use in conjunction with our Paw Soother balm!



PawTection is ideal for the following:

  • HOT surfaces such as: pavement, sidewalks, gravel, rocks, sand, stone, concrete, decks, etc.
  • Harsh elements such as: salt, snow, ice, rough terrain, extreme temperatures, etc.
  • Helps with allergens, like grass, pollen, or mold.

PawTection creates a barrier while also locking in moisture to the paw pad.


Check out our blog article detailing (and debunking) these concerns here. Dog paw pads are naturally thick, but they should not be overly dry. Dry, chapped paw pads are more prone to injury from splitting and cracking. Healthy, moisturized paws will flex rather than split and actually allow dogs to get a better grip! Dry paws do not have any traction and dogs will have a harder time walking on smooth surfaces. Many customers use our Paw Soother and PawTection for agility training to help give dogs much better contact, safety and speed.


Natural Dog Company products are 100% natural, safe and edible. Our products will still work even if most of it is licked off. Though, for best results, we advise using distractions. Give your dog a raw bone to chew on, a yummy treat, dinner, or play with them for a few minutes until the carrier oils have had a chance to work it’s magic. We hear peanut butter works great!


PawTection is used to preventively, while Paw Soother is used to soothe and mositurise. PawTection is a natural wax blend, so it provides a nourishing barrier between the paw and harsh surfaces such as hot pavement, sand, salt, ice, and snow. Paw Soother is a butter blend meant to smooth, soften and moisturize dry, red, peeling, and cracked paw pads. Think: PawTection before going outside, Paw Soother before bed. Both have amazing collaborating qualities – making them the pawfect team!


For best, use PawTection before going outside. Reapply periodically when exposed to harsh conditions such as ice and snow and especially really hot pavement. Dogs feel pain on their paws!


Our ingredients are organic, plant-based, and never compromised. With the highest quality natural properties, these balms will leave your pup living its best life! 

Some star players in PawTection include:

Mango Butter | Rich in Vitamins A, C, & E  that cause dryness & cracking in paws
Rice Bran Oil | Natural antioxidant rich in minerals & vitamins to deeply moisturise skin’s layers
Lavender Essential Oil | Soothes & fights against germs & naturally eases anxiety & stress
Rosemary Extract | All-natural preservative & antioxidant

Remaining essential ingredients: Sunflower oil, Carnauba wax, Sunflower Wax, Candelilla Wax, Natural Vitamin E, Benzoin Resin, Stearic Acid

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lip Tection!!

I was in desperate need of some chapstick and an unopened stick of this was all I could find so I chanced it… BEST.CHAPSTICK.EVER. Unlike regular chapstick, this leaves your lips actually feeling softer and moisturized. Warning it doesn’t feel like typical smooth waxy chapstick, but this is the best my lips have ever felt after using any sort of natural lip balm.

Chandni P

I have bought paw balms from other businesses but never have I had one that truly does the trick! The paw soother and paw protection balms are truly amazing, they glide on smoothly for pups who don’t like their paws touched (like mine). It’s been three days of use so far and his paws already feels soft and less dry. I will be buying again and I definitely recommend it as a must have for every parent! Plus it smells good

Teresa S.
Would definitely recommend

Bought this travel size stick just to give it a try and will definitely be buying the larger size. My Parson Russell does lots of walking and this has made a huge difference to his paws, no more chewing of his feet when we get home.

sharon w.

Came quickly and service I received was good. The product is a handy travel size. Hopefully it will make my pups feet nice and soft.

Nele K.

Got this for my parents' Beagle as every winter he gets sore paws (probably due to heavy usage of salt and gravel on the icy streets). The product is yet to be tested - it is meant as a Christmas present for the doggy. If it helps him out, I will definitely order the full-size version! Also mad props for the fast and free delivery!