Dog Paw Balm & Cream

Paw health is so important for your dog. Cracked, dry paws can cause discomfort, so soothe their paws with our range of dog paw balms.

We’re the official UK stockist of Natural Dog Company products, a handcrafted range of vegan-friendly products created from natural ingredients. Here, you’ll find a great mix of dog paw creams to treat specific problems your dog may have.

If your dog has dry, cracked paws, choose Paw Soother, a great dog paw moisturiser that soothes and nourishes paws to leave them smooth and healthy. It’s available in tinstick and travel sizes.

Our PawTection dog paw protection cream helps keep their paws from getting sore as they explore on their walks. Choose from tinstick and travel sizes.

With free delivery on all UK orders, shop our paw balm collection today. We stock products to treat all of your dog’s ailments, from nose balms for dry snouts to dog skin care products.