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Get your paws on some Gnawers!

100% natural, free-range, grass-fed beef is sourced for these tasty, satisfying, & highly beneficial Bully Gnawers. Your dog’s tail will be waggin’ all day long once they get their teeth on these gnawers.

Ditch the chewing and embrace the gnaw with a fresh pack of Bully Gnawers from Natural Dog Company. Did you know that there are actually a lot of benefits behind your pup’s chewing habit? With the help from our pup-approved gnawers, you can save your shoes and furniture while treating your dog to clean, healthy, chewing enjoyment!


Chewing is a natural dog instinct that provides stimulation, improves canine dental health, and relieves anxiety. With all those pawsitives, it’s crucial to find a way to encourage healthy chewing. 

That’s where Bully Gnawers come in. These gnawers are a healthy alternative to the mass-produced commercial dog chews on the market. We develop our Bully Ganwers from free-range, humanely-raised, grass-fed beef. 

  • No hormones 
  • No antibiotics 
  • No chemicals 
  • No GMO fees

100% natural bull pizzle with never artificial flavors, preservatives, grains, or glutens, making these gnawers ideal for even the most sensitive stomachs. Packed with protein and healthy fat, your dog is taking in nutrients while enjoying long-lasting chewing entertainment. 

Give your pup a treat without the worry. Our gnawers come in multiple sizes (including braided, thinner, & thicker options) so you can find the perfect fit for your favorite furry friend. Keep their smiles bright thanks to the gnawers' ability to strengthen teeth and reduce plaque and tartar build-up. 


As with any dog treat, please supervise your dog(s) when chewing on our gnawers. Be cautious to discard gnawer when any potential hazard presents itself (i.e. small pieces, choking, indigestion etc).


Where are your Bully Gnawers sourced?

Our free range Bully Gnawers are sourced from the grass plains of Argentina, which is widely known for the best quality beef on the planet.

Do Bully Gnawers have an odor?

Yes, and dogs love them that way! Humans may not enjoy the smell, but dogs truly appreciate it. Here at Natural Dog Company, it’s all about the dogs…so (unsurprisingly) we elected to go completely natural with our Bully Gnawers. “Odor Free” bully treats go through an unfortunate process of bleaching with chlorine and sometimes even the use of formaldehyde – yikes!  With the odor in mind, our Gnawers will arrive in a nifty jute bag that you can also use to avoid contact with the gnawer if you choose. Just slide the Gnawer out of the bag and in seconds your dog will be wagging his tail!

Are Bully Gnawers digestible?

Absolutely. Unlike rawhide, our Gnawers are completely digestible and full of B vitamins and other nutrients!

How long will the Gnawer last?

The larger the Gnawer, the longer it will last. Our Gnawers should last for a couple hours. However, there are many variables such as the strength and tenacity of your dog.


100% grass fed, free range, beef pizzle

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

My goldens keely and darcy love these, they are both very strong chewers, darcy took 40 mins to eat hers, keely only 20mins.
They are expensive, but will buy again for their extral special rewards.


I wrongly assumed that I would receive all the items in the picture. You actually only receive one item. Slightly misleading.

Tammy M
My Pitty Girl Loved It

My Betty Sue White loved her Gnawer. She is a very strong chewer so it only lasted 50 minutes. Today is her one month adoption birthday so well worth it plus she is very happy
& that makes me happy.

Iona M.

Not as advertised, no bag as was the reason for buying. No apology… just website needed updating- will not use company again as concerned goods will not be as advertised

Iona Mott

Bought to give out as Christmas doggy gifts - especially the extra luxury re the gift bag, purchased 8 in total…. So disappointed, no bag, just thrown into cardboard box, came late as sent by Royal Mail amidst strike action. Called to question the missing bags to only be informed they hadn’t updated website…… great, thanks.