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I noticed that my french bulldog’s nose always looked cracked and really dry. I wasn’t really sure what to try until I found the Natural Dog Company. I had been hearing about their products on Facebook and seeing other people’s reviews and photos. I finally decided to buy it and give it a try. Wow! What a difference it made. Her nose looks totally different after using Snout Soother. Even after 1 day the skin was no longer cracked and dry looking. I look forward to trying their other products!by Amelia

Snout Soother Reviews 

We literally tried everything and nothing worked. The before and after pictures are about a week apart.

After just 5 days of using Snout Soother she no longer has that horrible sore look. 

Thanks for making these great, Natural organic products for our furkiddios..

I started to apply Snout Soother on the Thursday and by the Sunday his nose was completely healed. Well worth every penny!

After only 24 hours and 4 applications Shelby's nose looks amazing. I will continue to use Snout Soother.

No more dry, cracked crusty nose. You have made me a believer. I'm going to be spreading the word about this miracle.

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