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I found your Paw Soother amazing! Our dog Wally is a cute little pug whose paws are consistently exposed to snow, cold conditions, sand and hot surfaces. This being said, his paws suffer from those conditions and they get dried out really often. Natural Dog Company’s Paw Soother helped us restore her paws to perfect conditions in just a few weeks. Thank you! by William

Paw Soother Reviews 

I would recommend everyone should get these paw product, they really work and it’s the best investment.

I saw results within a week of just putting Paw Soother on at night with some baby socks.

After using the Paw Soother the dryness is going away and his paw pads are becoming as soft as they’ve ever been. I’m truly happy with this purchase!!

I purchased the travel pack that comes with Paw Soother. I use it on my French Bulldog Brody and it works miracles.

After 7 days my paws are looking so much better!.

He has stopped biting and licking his paws, and I can tell he is feeling better. If my dog is happy, then so am I, and we both feel like we won here!

Purchase yours today to see the benefits  of Paw Soother for yourself.

Don't forget to take some  before and after photographs, we love to hear your success stories.