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Keep your dog's immune system thriving!

Aller-Immune chews are designed for dogs with seasonal allergies such as food allergens, grass, or pollen. This chew checks all the boxes when it comes to a natural approach to allergies! These salmon-flavored chews not only taste great, but also work with your dog's immune system, promote healthy histamine levels, and protect against environmental allergens. Our carefully crafted grain-free formula contains natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Combined with our unique blend of canine-specific probiotic strains, Aller-Immune chews support the gut to ensure your furry friend remains healthy and happy.

Watch your pup enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of environmental allergens!

Customer Reviews

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Julie P.
No difference

Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference so probably wouldn’t buy again

John M.
Excdllent Product

I have a sharpei that suffers from hay fever, but within 2 weeks of using this product her eyes had stopped running, reduced in swelling and it allowed for her to be more alert due to not taking Piriton. Great product that does work.

Heather C.
Good For Pit Bulls With Allergies

So far so good it is helping our Pitbull that has horrible summer allergies. She isn’t sneezing as much and isn’t have horrible itchy paws .


Using along side paw soother and seems to be helping which is great

Samantha C
It Works!

As soon as Natural Dog company launched this product I bought it. Everything we have ever tried has been a miracle so why would this be any different!? So far it has kept my dog off her cytopoint shot which is awesome! We were looking for a natural way to relieve her allergies. After trying so many things, this seems to be the answer we've been searching for! Highly recommend this company, as all of their products have been incredible. The pics below are when she was having a wicked flare up. We used the skin soother balm for 2 weeks along with the skin and coat chews. The pic of her laying down is after the 2 weeks of the aller-immune chews along with the other supplements. These photos speak for themselves! Will be a customer for life!