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A Powerhouse For Joint Vitality!

Introducing Natural Dog Company’s Collagen Supplement chews, packed with the perfect blend of natural ingredients designed to support your dog. Collagen, a crucial protein in connective tissues, plays a significant role in maintaining flexibility in muscles and joints, promoting strong teeth and bones, and ensuring healthy skin. In fact, about 70% of your dog's muscles and connective tissues are made up of collagen! Our Collagen Supplement chews are carefully crafted with ingredients like hydrolyzed bovine collagen, marine collagen peptides, and eggshell membrane to provide a diverse collagen profile.

Suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes, Collagen Supplement chews are a tasty and effective way to incorporate powerful active ingredients into your dog's routine. With a delicious turkey flavor, these chews make it easy to support your furry friend's well-being, ensuring they stay active, flexible, and happy!

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My dogs loves these and I can already see a difference!

Price S.
Collagen Wins!

My Frenchie takes 5 different Natural Dog Company supplements daily. He turns his nose to most of them, BUT the collagen one he LOVES! It’s still too soon to see any results, but so far, it’s a “win” in my book & going to place another order soon!

Sandy B
Collagen Treats

My dog, Dakota, has been taking them for over a week...I always think it takes at least 20 to 30 days to see results of any type of supplement ( human or animals)
Dakota will b 14yo in April...the only thing that gives his age away is his Grey muzzle. He goes to the dog park & runs & really is amazing to see the energy he has ! The supplement is to help him in case he does have some arthritis...I will let u kno when a few more weeks go by how he is doing.
Thank u, Sandy