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Liver long & prosper with these supplement chews!

Our Liver & Kidney Supplement Chews are crafted with your dog's well-being in mind, ensuring that their liver and kidneys receive the support they need for optimal health. Designed to promote the function of these vital organs, these delicious turkey-flavored chews are packed with powerful ingredients. These chews enhance detoxification processes, promoting optimal vitality and ensuring your dog's long-term health. Make these chews a part of your dog's daily routine and experience the positive impact on their overall vitality and longevity.

Your dog will go wild for these stinky, tasty supplements, making it easier than ever to ensure their well-being.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Lo d.


Yuko K
Great Supplement

My senior dog’s liver level was high in 2022. He took medicine but it didn’t work. My son advised me that milk thistle would be good for liver. So I started giving it (liquid). His liver level has been improved but liquid one was not convenient. Then I found this one! It’s easy to feed it! My senior dog has been healthy and very active. He also takes Hips and joint one too

Hailey B
Good For My Dog But They STINKK

My dog has issues with his kidneys not processing protein correctly he's on a medication for ot but bought these just to help with the issue. He LOVES all of his supplements and vitamins from here! He's got probably 1 of every kind they have. These fricken STINK tho like the smell is unbearable and I almost puked when I opened the container when I got them in yesterday it smells like its literally liver and kidney in there 🤣 I have 0 doubt that is works but jeez man that smell

Susan D
Stinky But Awesome.

We have tried two other very expensive liver supplements and they made our dog drink lots of water and he was just not himself. When this product came out, I bought it immediately because the Allerimmune works so well for our border collie mix. The Liver and Kidney supplement stinks really bad, but our dog is drinking a normal amount of water now and wants to play more and is happier.