Snout Soother + Paw Soother Bundle

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Soothe, heal, & protect your pup from snout to paws!

Our Snout Soother and Paw Soother balms are created with your pup in mind. We wanted to make it easy and convenient to treat a plethora of skin conditions and nose irritations with one simple, yet robust set.

This combo of soothing and healing dog balms gives you the topical treatment your pup needs to relieve dry, cracked noses, and keep their paws healthy!

With Snout Soother and Paw Soother, you can quickly heal any “ruh-roh” moments that may come your way.



Our Snout and Paw Soother healing dog balms are vegan and made with 100% natural ingredients that not only treat doggy skin conditions, but also protects them thanks to the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties! 

Does a dry, cracked nose or infected paws have your pup opting out of playtime? We want to help every dog live their best, care-free life, and with our Snout and Paw Soother combo, no rash or burn will stop them! 

Keep tails wagging, paws healthy, and snouts looking great with our easy-to-use topical balms crafted for optimal nose and paw healing. 

Snout Soother
Snout Soother is a well-loved healing balm, recommended by veterinarians and customers from around the world. Our dog's noses are super sensitive and susceptible to a variety of frustrating conditions such as Discoid Lupus and overall dry, cracked snouts.

Because this is such a sensitive area, it's crucial to know you're using a balm with only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients like the ones found in Snout Soother. This award-winning dog balm helps nourish, heal, and moisturize your pup's nose and even protects them against windburn, sunburn, and other harmful exposure. 

Paw Soother
Paw Soother is an organic, vegan, 100% natural herbal-based blend of butter and special plant oils. This natural paw balm is specially formulated to heal rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads. Paw Soother is also perfect for treating paw pad hyperkeratosis, aka "hairy paw".

This healing balm is made with only safe, organic ingredients that transform your pup's paws from rough and scratchy to healthy and smooth. Thanks to the moisturizing, healing properties of Paw Soother, you can wave goodbye to dry, cracked, bleeding paws and alleviate discomfort from allergies and irritations.


Distract, apply, & reward!

Distractions are key! Using treats (peanut butter works great!), applying right before mealtime, or following with a belly rub are positive, effective ways to allow time for the product to work it's magic!

Before applying any balm, clean up any excess dirt or debris evident around the affected area. 

Snout Soother Application: Use two fingers or a low-absorbent cloth to gently apply a generous amount of Snout Soother to your dog’s nose. The more often you are able to apply Snout Soother to your dog’s nose, the better. To start, we recommend applying the balm at least two to three times daily. Using the balm before bed is ideal due to the peak of healing and regeneration that occurs in dogs while they sleep. 

Reduce frequency as your dog’s nose improves using less often to maintain a beautiful, healthy snout. 

Paw Soother Application: Twist a small amount of Paw Soother up from the stick and gently glide a generous amount of our protective balm directly over your dog's paw pads. Paws will be slick after application so allow the area to dry with your pup's favorite distraction. 

Paw Soother is most effective when applied right before bedtime when the dog's body enters regeneration mode.



Natural Dog Company products are 100% natural, safe and edible. Primary ingredients include nut oils and butters, which can be appealing to dogs, so they may attempt to lick it off - which is perfectly normal! Our products will still work even if most of it is licked off. Though, for best results, we advise using distractions, such as treats or mealtime, to allow more time for the product to work it's magic!


The more often you are able to apply Snout Soother to your dog’s nose, the better. We recommend applying at least 2-3 times per day – especially before bedtime when bodies are healing and regenerating. Once your dog’s nose is healthy, you can reduce the frequency of applications to maintain a healthy and hydrated nose.


Virgin organic coconut oil is amazing, which is why we include it in many of our formulas! However, coconut oil is a very light moisturizer and just does not have the same healing power as Snout Soother. We hear from many customers, who don’t get results from only using coconut oil, that they are finally able to heal their dog’s nose with Snout Soother.


The more often you are able to apply Paw Soother to your dog's paws, the better. We recommend applying at least 2-3 times per day - especially before bedtime when bodies are healing and regenerating. Once your dog's paws are healthy, you can reduce the frequency of applications and still maintain soft, smooth, healthy paws.


Snout Soother | Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Jojoba, Kukui Oil, Candelilla Wax, Natural Vitamin E, Chamomile, Rosemary Extract

Paw Soother | Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Mango Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Jojoba, Candelilla Wax, Calendula, Cajeput, Chamomile, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract